41 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Turning Pain into Perseverance, with Gaby DuFour

032.  Have you ever considered that worry, stress, and pity parties could actually be the "lazy" way of handling problems and challenges?  Oof, harsh. Here's what I mean - Rather than doing the work of seeing what the challenge is trying to tell you, teach you, and transform you ... you just complain about it instead. Well today's guest, Gaby DuFour of @fitfourtitude, is going to inspire the joggers right off of ya. She was given a painful diagnosis several years ago, and while she felt the feelings right, she then took ownership & control, and now says her disease was an honest to goodness BLESSING. That takes work. That takes patience. That takes ... perseverance.I can't wait to hear what you takeaway from this week's episode.CONNECT WITH GABY!Instagram: @fitfourtitudeWebsite: FitFourtitude.WordPress.comTwitter: @gabronincheeseCONNECT WITH KATIE!Website: WholeHardy.comEmail: hello@wholehardy.comInstagram: @wholehardyFacebook: @wholehardyClubhouse: @wholehardyYouTube: @wholehardyTwitter: @wholehardyPinterst: @wholehardyLinkedIn: @katiepoormanhardyFREE GUIDE + VIDEO TRAINING!Inner Boss / Outer Balance
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