28 minutes | Oct 22, 2020

This Power Couple Will Change Your Life

022. Here's the truth:You want your MIND to be happy with your BODY (eg, dear body: heyyy girl you good, you poppin'! love, your mind) But you ALSO want your BODY to be happy with your MIND (eg, dear mind: plzzzz don't self-sabotage yourself into binge eat all weekend long and pound that cabernet like gatorade. you said you wanted to LOVE me! love, your body.)Your mind and your body are CONSTANTLY communicating. So let's nourish that Mind-Body relationship into a 50+ year marriage rather than bickering teenagers! You follow? In today's episode, you'll learn how to bring your A-GAME with the 3 A's of the Mind-Body Breakthrough Blueprint to unite & unleash this power couple within you. Learn more about the Mind-Body Breakthrough Blueprint here: https://fitleaders.net/join.The Mind-Body Connection is an undeniable and unstoppable relationship.  The good news: it's utterly controllable when you become aware of your 1% Advantage, take consistent Aligned Action, and awaken your Inner Accountability.Resources:3-Day Mind-Body Breakthrough BootcampStop following mass-made health plans. Start owning your Focus, Food, and Fitness by getting your MIND on board with your BODY.Oct. 25 - Oct. 28, 2020https://fitleaders.net/joinEpisode Show Notes:https://.wholehardy.com/22Contact the Host:Katie HardyCEO & FounderWholeHardy Health, LLCThe Inside Out Wellness Podcastwww.wholehardy.com@WholeHardyhello@wholehardy.com
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