60 minutes | Nov 11, 2020

The Unknown Superfood that Boosts Detoxification, Immunity, Longevity, Energy, Focus, Skin, Hair and So Much More!

024. Your mind is going to be blown while listening to today's episode with Founder & CEO of EnergyBits, Catherine Arnston.A few things I really vibed with:Everything you eat either contributes to health or disease.  The typical unhealthy American diet is not only loaded with chemicals and sugar, but it's also LACKING critical nutrients, like a CHLOROPHYLL source.Nutrient dense food (like the superfood you'll learn about today) is not only preventative, it's RESTORATIVE and boosts your immunity to protect your health.With the reoccurring spike in COVID-19 cases we're experiencing right now, being proactive with your health is more important than EVER before! Listen up as Catherine tells you exactly how.SPECIAL OFFER!And, if you're like me and are thoroughly motivated by the science she shares, head over to www.EnergyBits.com and use code WHOLEHARDY to get 20% off your choice of RecoveryBits, EnergyBits, or BeautyBits. Enjoy!More on Catherine Arnston & EnergyBitswww.EnergyBits.comInstagram: @EnergyBitsFacebook: @EnergyBitsTwitter: @EnergyBitsPinterest: @EnergyBitsMore on Inside Out Wellness host Katie Hardy:www.WholeHardy.comhello@WholeHardy.comInstagram: @WholeHardyFacebook: @WholeHardyTwitter: @WholeHardyPinterest: @WholeHardy
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