41 minutes | Nov 25, 2020

The Movement Motivation You Need Right Now with MaryKate Schmidt of @movementbymk

025. If you had to choose ONE month out of the year that you exercise the LEAST, which would it be? I’ve got a hunch that it’s DECEMBER. And if that's the case, listen up! Because today's guest is going to give you motivation, means, and momentum to get your body MOVING all winter long.MaryKate Schmidt of Movement By MK (formerly Froyo to Fitness) is a firm believer in movement as medicine. Today we get into how your body can legit TRANSFORM based on your PERSPECTIVE OF MOVEMENT!!! Gone are the days of the dreaded 90-minute elliptical ride (preach!) The shape of the exercise industry has shifted, and your shape will shift too after listening to MK’s smart, simple and oh so chill advice.Show Notes:www.wholehardy.com/25About Our Guest:MaryKate Schmidtwww.movementbymk.com@movementbymkAbout Your Host:Katie Hardywww.wholehardy.com@wholehardyhello@wholehardy.com
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