38 minutes | Nov 4, 2020

Smart Nutrition for Busy Women with Mattie DiNapoli

023. Raise your hand if your nutrition starts to suffer the busier you get? The life stuff starts to pile on … work projects, home projects, kids projects, social and community efforts. And maybe you’re able to prioritize your projects, and the action items for the project taking priority … but there’s a backbone that holds it all together. And it's your health. The more we let that nutrition ball drop, the more that our other priorities suffer. On today’s show, I have Smart Nutrition Expert Mattie DiNapoli, and we’re talking about this exact struggle. How we WANT to maintain proper nutrition to fuel our highest priorities, we KNOW we should, but it’s one of the first balls to be dropped when we get busy. Episode Show Notes:www.wholehardy.com/23PODCAST GUEST:Mattie DiNapoli@mattiemooveshttps://www.mattiemooves.com/PODCAST HOST:Katie Hardy@wholehardyhttps://www.wholehardy.comhello@wholehardy.com
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