47 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

How to Tap into Your Intuition to Make Smarter Health Choices with Jacqueline Best

26. Do you ever wonder what’s guiding your decisions?  Choosing to workout, or keeping working. Choosing to eat another treat, or have tea instead. Choosing to snap at a loved one again, or take a deep breath first.If not, it's time to start listening to what it is that's steering your ship.Today’s guest is going to tell you exactly WHY you need to listen and exactly HOW to listen.Jaqueline Best is the author of Trusting your Intuition - Discover your Superpower in 10 days. She also a transformational healing catalyst, and host of the podcast Global Party: Healing from the Inside Out.  Her focus is to empower others to know they have everything they need in their heart, and to trust the process of letting go to discover their Best Whole New World.Make sure you stick around until the end where Jacqueline guides us through a Two Minute Tune In that you can use anytime you feel lost, overwhelmed, or ready ..More on our Guest: Jacqueline BestBook: Trusting Your Intuition: Discover Your Superpower in 10 DaysPodcast: The Global Party PodcastInstagram: @bestwholenewworldMore on Host Katie Hardywww.WholeHardy.com@WholeHardy 
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