47 minutes | Jan 1, 2021

Four Focuses of 2021 (plus, the tattoo I'm dreaming about...)

027.  This new year will NOT be my "Year of Yes." Nope. 2021 will be my year of LESS. I will say yes to LESS.One thing 2020 taught me? That I have Chronic Over Committers Syndrome. The repercussion? Giving half of my ass to 128 daily commitments rather than my full ass to say… 4 things. >>Like 4 things a YEAR<< And the repercussion of aaall those half assed hurried commits? Feeling like a total loser for not showing up in Total Badass Hardy (call her TBH) fashion.What will I do differently in 2021? Reflect, reduce, and redirect my focus to where I can give my gifts the most. Tune in to hear where I'll be putting my focus so I can use my gifts, and give others the opportunity to step in and shine their light where I'm stepping out.PS: Wanna talk through YOUR unique triggers that are fizzling YOUR motivation to show up for YOUR personal wellness routine? Book a 2021 Conquer Consistency Call with me at https://wholehardy.com/consistentShow notes for this episode:https://wholehardy.com/27ABOUT THE HOST:Katie HardyFounder & CEOWholeHardy Health, LLC Certified in Integrative Wellness by Duke HealthWholeHardy.comhello@wholehardy.comInside Out Wellness Podcast
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