53 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

Feeling Frazzled? Here's How to Create Peace Amidst the Mayhem, with Author Marielle Melling

031. Do you ever look around at your life, and some rare moments can feel peaceful and calm … but for the most part, you’re constantly trying to balance all the priorities? It can feel like you’re fighting to organize chaos, right? Work, appointments, keeping up with house clutter, laundry, kids school and sports, your health, your hobbies, making time for loved ones & friends … And then, you start to feel so rushed, and anxious, and ultimately … like you’re missing out on life.Well … today’s special guest is going to help you create Peace Amidst the Mayhem and teach you how you actually CAN be calm, confident, and compassionate in any circumstance. And you know why she can teach us this? Because that’s the exact title of her book!! You’re going to learn: The 3 habits of women who can create calm among the chaosHow to implement those habits yourself The MYTHS of self care, and the SMART way to bring honor itEnjoy Episode 31, sis!Connect with Marielle:Website: https://www.lovinlifewithlittles.com Instagram: @lovinlifewithlittles Facebook: Lovin' Life With LittlesMARIELLE'S BOOK!Peace Amidst the Mayhem: You Can Be Calm, Confident, and Compassionate in Any CircumstanceMARIELLE'S FREE GUIDE!  The Busy Mom's Guide to Self-Care https://lovinlifewithlittles.lpages.co/the-busy-moms-guide-to-self-care/This guide helps women work through the top three hurdles to self-care and find effective self-care practices that fit their lives and cater to their needs.Connect with Katie:Website: WholeHardy.comEmail: hello@wholehardy.comInstagram: @wholehardyFacebook: @wholehardyClubhouse: @wholehardyYouTube: @wholehardyTwitter: @wholehardyPinterst: @wholehardyLinkedIn: @katiepoormanhardy
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