43 minutes | Jan 20, 2021

Customize (don't copy!) Your Eating, Exercise, and Focus Routines

30. If you've ever told yourself that you'd start eating more healthfully, exercising more frequently, and living life more thoughtfully...listen up.What do you do when the moment arrives to actually do the thing, and you find reasons to not do it, but you still really want to do it? Sounds like a mind game right? Because it IS a mind game!Lucky you, you get to eavesdrop on Day 2 of the 5-Day Camp Consistent Challenge where we dive into the FOUNDATIONAL INNER WORK that you *must* complete before even attempting consistent action in your Food, Focus and Fitness.If you want the Consistency Code Quadrant that we discuss in the episode, you can download that right here: https://wholehardy.com/campconsistent.If you're more of a 1:1 kinda gal, book a Conquer Consistency Call with me right here: https://wholehardy.com/consistentEnjoy Ep 30, sis!Connect with Katie:WholeHardy.comhello@wholehardy.comInstagram: @wholehardyFacebook: @wholehardyClubhouse: @wholehardyYouTube: @wholehardyTwitter: @wholehardyPinterst: @wholehardyLinkedIn: @katiepoormanhardy
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