53 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Calling All Perfectionists! How to start stepping out of perfectionism, with Camy Kennedy

.35 "Perfectionism is the lie that the way God made you is not good enough.” - Theology of Work ProjectThis week's theme is Perfectionism. And even if you don't resonate with the term or identity of "perfectionist" ... think of it as the often crushing burden of persistently criticizing yourself, and others.Intuitive Life Coach Camy Kennedy is here today to teach you how to start taking the steps out of that inner critic world. Camy Kennedy is a Mindset & Life Coach working with high achievers to create breakthroughs in health, wealth and love. With a background in molecular biology, neuroscience & psychology she provides a framework for incremental success. It's not about being perfect, it's about practicing your potential! She’s been featured in Oxygen Magazine and Shape.com, as well as an international speaker.We hear you when you feel like on the one hand, you feel responsible and principled to make change for the better. But on the other hand, the downward spiral starts sloping steeper when your judging mind takes full reign, and your patterns of needing control over something (or someone) backfires with panful guilt and regret. If you're seeking a mantra, verse, reminder or phrase - I've got your back.Take a deep breath (there, wasn't that nice?) and repeat these words of David: "You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it." [Psalms 139:14 NLT]Read it. Speak it. Write it. Type it. Pray it. Think it. Journal it. And above all BELIEVE IT.No matter what the enemy inside your mind is telling you about your body, you, my love, are fearfully and wonderfully made 🌺CONNECT WITH CAMY!Website: https://camykennedy.com/Instagram: @CamyKendy Facebook: https://Facebook.com/groups/powerfulpotential YouTube: https://youtube.com/camykennedyFree Perfectionist Download + Meditation: https://camykennedy.com/links CONNECT WITH KATIE!Website: WholeHardy.comEmail: hello@wholehardy.comInstagram: @wholehardyFacebook: @wholehardyClubhouse: @wholehardyYouTube: @wholehardyTwitter: @wholehardyPinterst: @wholehardyLinkedIn: @katiepoormanhardyFREE GUIDE + VIDEO TRAINING!Inner Boss / Outer Balance
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