43 minutes | May 31, 2020

Inside Out with Daniel; Sex & Relationships

I’m excited to start the series off by discussing a highly requested topic area; sex & relationships. It’s not surprising that these are such highly demanded topic areas for discussion and areas of such uncertainty and concern... I can guarantee that absolutely everyone has unmet questions when it comes to these pretty significant things however, throw illness, surgery or disability into the mix and everything can feel even more unclear and even further heightened!There is no manual when it comes to these things and it really doesn’t help when what feels like everywhere you look for answers or information simply suggests that perhaps you just speak to your partner about sex?So, I figured, who better to chat to to get this started than a partner. Not just any partner but, in this episode, I chat to my partner, Dan. Before we met, Dan had no real knowledge or experience of bowel disease, chronic illness or stomas. In this conversation, we delve into how we met, the perspectives and experiences of both being that someone with an illness and a stoma in a relationship as well as the flipside of being the partner of that someone and of course, including some of the highs, the lows and the in-betweens. This conversation may not be PG but, I feel that it’s an important one to be had and to share. I really hope you find some sort of comfort, reassurance or insight in our experiences.I must note, that we are by no means relationship or, medical professionals. Although we can speak from experience, it’s important to always seek medical advice where necessary. A big thanks to all that sent questions for this episode. I just want to say that even if we don’t cover them all, I resonated with them all so much. Dating & relationships are scary concepts and everybody’s circumstances are so different.Another big thanks to Pelican & Respond Healthcare for sponsoring this episode. You can find out more about them here; https://www.pelicanhealthcare.co.uk/ // https://www.respond.co.uk/For any further advice or support, please contact your healthcare professional(s) or, see to one of these wonderful charities; Crohn’s & Colitis UK; https://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk/Ileostomy & internal Pouch Association;https://iasupport.org/Colostomy UK;http://www.colostomyuk.org/BowelCancer UK;https://www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk/ Be sure not to miss an episode and to subscribe to the podcast as well as follow on Instagram to keep up to date and get involved @insideoutbyamber*All music paid for via EpidemicSound subscription*
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