40 minutes | May 25, 2017

EP4 - Closing The Deal...Hardcore Style

In life, selling can be hard! In this episode, Jim Mckenzie (www.insidelife360.com)interviews Ryan Stewman, CEO and Founder of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy (www.hardcorecloser.com) who is a 4x best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach, Podcast Host, Blogger and all around Entrepreneur. The guys have a robust conversation about their approach to modern selling techniques, why even preachers have to sell, and why you need to avoid angry birds (not a spellcheck error, you'll have to listen. Enjoy! (NB. For those with sensitive ears, please NOTE that there's a small amount of NSFW language in this episode) ABOUT THE SHOW The Inside Life 360 Show which is more than just about business – it’s about how our LIVES are impacted by business. I call if business lifestyles. I answer questions I get from readers and listeners and interview interesting do-ers. Want to ask me something? Like to be on the show? E Mail me at editorial@insidelife360.com Subscribe to the "Rise, Grind, Repeat" newsletter at www.insidelfe360.com and grab a FREE mini-course presented by Louise Mckenzie "Create And Launch Your Email Sales and Marketing Money" that shows you how to make money from your email list http://bit.ly/2sUsdv0 Louise and I want to answer your questions too. Do one thing. Please tell me what you are struggling with (even if it’s something really small, don’t hold back), succeeding with (I like happy stuff too), or if you would like some friendly advice. Yes, I read every single email. And I’ll let you know if your reply makes it on the show! So feel free to share anything you want. I promise to keep it entertaining and useful. Just hit reply and let me know. PS. I read all emails even if I can’t reply to all of them (and I get a lot)... --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/insidelife360show/message
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