39 minutes | Jul 11, 2017

Ep 8 - Get Out Of The Building and Sell!

Learn why YOU have to get out of the building NOW! …and why when you do not have a large budget there are ways to get out there and get noticed … and ways to avoid burnout and stop wasting your time chasing rainbows Today you can get Inside The Life of Your Marketing My guest today is Ian Farrar who is a sales professional and is a specialist in Driving Growth. Ian is the founder and a business coach at Far North Sales & Marketing. Social Evangelist Ian also hosts the popular Podcast, Industry Angel which saw Ian nominated for a European influencer award in 2016. He was formerly a corporate sales professional in the fields of engineering and tech, and you’ll hear his shocking story about how and why he suffered severe burnout that almost cost him his health, and the ‘a-ha- moment that led him to make the jump into entrepreneurship. Ian and I talk about how to grow any business from small acorns, and the methods that he and I both use to network and locate our target customers in a very competitive marketplace, and to stand out from the crowd, including: - why you need to get out of your office and make some noise to get you and your business noticed - the importance of trust in these days of online marketing and how to build it - easy ways to locate and target your ideal customers, and how to leverage your existing list of customers -the need to maintain a content calendar so that you show up on social media networks And… why Google translate is an essential for a podcast produced by British guys! [GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW - 'Find Your Target Market Now…In 4 Easy Steps' - LINK - ' ] LINKS To find out more about Ian Farrar, check out The Industry Angel Business Podcast http://industryangel.com and Far North http://far-north.co.uk JOIN IN! So listen, learn and send me your questions, feedback and more to insidelife360@gmail.com. Your best questions will be featured on a future show, and if you leave a review you may WIN one of our nifty “Rise, Grind, Repeat” tees. Please join my community now! AND DON’T FORGET… PS. If you like what you hear, please help us reach more people by leaving a review! We love it when you review The Inside Life 360 Show — it helps us get better and helps other great people find the show Click this link to open up the Inside Life 360 Show page in iTunes. 1 Click the “Ratings & Reviews” tab. 2. Click the “Write a Review” button and enter your review. (Be sure to include the stars on the right of the title of your review. We encourage lots of stars :)) SUPPORT THE SHOW - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! iTunes Click here to open up The Inside Life 360 Show in iTunes Soundcloud Click here to view The Inside Life 360 Show on Soundcloud Stitcher: Click here to view The Inside Life 360 Show on Stitcher. Google Play: The Inside Life 360 Show On Google Play Podcast Feed: Copy this podcast feed URL and paste it into the “Add By URL” feature --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/insidelife360show/message
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