33 minutes | Sep 24, 2021

Taking a Pickaxe to that Bitcoin

Hey crypto lovers? How are you doing? I hope you are doing well and not freaking out too much even though I do, occasionally. Today I am back for a solo show. Because of that, we get to talk about a topic I am passionate about which is mining. No, not the kind where you need a shovel and pickaxe but the GPU kind. This episode was recorded on September 24th 2021. What is crypto mining? How does it work? What do you need to do it? Is it still profitable? Those are some of the questions we get into today. Maybe you’ve been thinking about supplementing your income or maybe you know someone who is a miner and you want to understand why they do what they do. This is the absolute perfect episode for you. After that we have a look at CoinMarketCap to see how the market is doing, talk about Twitter allowing Bitcoin tips, Mark Cuban’s latest Defi comment, 21Shares’ Ethereum magazine, NFT learning curve being to steep and we end of the show talking about the Altcoin surge. Thanks everyone for listening and don’t forget to tune in next week where we interview another member of the team and get their insights into the fascinating world of crypto. Topics Covered Today:Crypto MiningWhat is it?How do you get into it?Is it still profitable to do?Extra tipsNews Covered Today:Twitter rolls out bitcoin tipping, safety features in product push21 Share’s Magazine: State of CryptoMark Cuban on why DeFi will disrupt banks: 'Some industries are change adverse'The NFT on-ramp is still too steepAltcoins Surge as Crypto Market Regains SteamMining Resources:WhatToMine - Crypto coins mining profit calculator compared to EthereumNiceHash: Leading Cryptocurrency Platform for Mining and TradingHive OS: The Ultimate Mining PlatformFollow Us On:TwitterDiscordTelegramRedditTwitter:Crian Padayachee
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