66 minutes | Sep 15, 2021

Qi Dao Amun AMA feat. James and Ronald

Whats up Amunites and citizens of Qi Dao. We are back with a special AMA episode of the Inside Crypto podcast. This episode was recorded on September 3rd 2021 by Nacho from the Qi Dao  staff. Our VP of Tokens James Wang and the Head of Marketing Ronald Angsiy talk about our upcoming new Polygon index token. They answer the following questions: There are a bunch of other questions and well worth the listen if you are passionate about Polygon or even crypto. Thanks again for listening and a special shout out to the Qi Dao crew and Nacho for doing the recording for this episode. Some Questions Covered Today:1.    What is an Index?2.    What are the rules for the Polygon token?3.    How does being apart of an Index help the community?4.    How do we compare versus other opportunities? 5.    How did James get into the crypto space?Qi Dao Links:WebsiteDocsQi Dao TwitterLao Zi TwitterMediumFireside chatsMAI UniverseGitHubAuditAmun Links:TwitterDiscordTelegramRedditSocial Links:JamesRonald
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