66 minutes | Aug 11, 2015

Episode 203: Brandi Ford (Part 3)

In Episode 203, Trev and AJ talk commercials and currency, and AJ shares a cautionary tale about moving before Trev sits down for the third and final part of his chat with actress and filmmaker Brandi Ford, in which Brandi breaks down, in detail, how she took her idea for a story to an award-winning HBO-featured film. Take notes! (Or, if you’re a Member, sign in to the boards and download our point-by-point summary for reference for YOUR next project.) Total running time: 1:05:38. -- Support for this episode of Inside Acting comes from:* vo2gogo – www.vo2gogo.com/start* Rehearsal 2 – www.rehearsaltheapp.com/download* You! – www.insideacting.net/membership
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