111 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

The End - Insanity Check #671

It’s here. The final Insanity Check (sorta). Kriss brings on two of his favorite guests, Rod & Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips for this final episode. There’s plenty to talk about since the last episode. Joe Biden won the general election and has won it like 30 more times since November 3rd. Trump has continued to lose it since then and all it has done is shown how insane and dangerous his conspiracy theories have been. Way too many people are willing to either believe his lies or play along with them for their own personal gain. But it doesn’t stop with just the nutcases on the right. The white leftist dudebros are also showing their colors as they’ve finally turned on The Squad and it’s hilarious because of how predictable it’s all been. But we can’t end the Insanity Check without some good “Great Moments in White Privilege” as well as some examples of scientists apparently not paying attention to the warning messages we get from SciFi movies. Topics: Joe Biden won the election. Then he won it again. Then again. Then again. And again White leftists turn on The Squad for…*checks notes* voting for  Pelosi as House Speaker instead of letting it fall to a Republican Adolf Hitler wins Namibia election Well…it’s not technically cannibalism Great Moments in White Privilege Aunt Becky picked her own prison and then didn’t have to  stay in  it long US teen finds out the hard way that white privilege doesn’t carry over to the Cayman Islands Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro? Planet of the Apes:  Scientists splice human genes into monkey brains…what could go wrong? Making robots from living cells…because why stop the madness with 2020? Racist white dudes prove why aliens will never visit us Like what you hear? Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!   Follow us on Twitter: @InsanityReport @TheMTRNetwork Want more podcast greatness? Sign up for a MTR Premium Account! Check out our Sponsors! TweakedAudio.com using the code ‘reviews’ to get 33% off & free shipping. Shop at our Amazon Store to support the site  
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