110 minutes | Apr 27, 2020

That's So Georgia - Insanity Check #653

We're still here. Somehow. 2020 has been kicking all of our asses and we're still only in the 4th round. Each month feels like it's own year. It's been a month since the last Insanity Check and so much has changed. Bernie Sanders is not only out of the race for the Democratic Nomination but he quickly endorsed Joe Biden, the US leads in Coronavirus cases AND Deaths (USA,  USA, USA), Trump isn't the dumbest sitting republican in office (its tough to top asking if ppl can inject disinfectants to kill the virus but some people have) and so much more. Kriss is joined by Dpalm for this episode so strap in. Topics: What could  possibly  happen in a month? Didn't know we  had to say this but: Please don't drink bleach cause of Donald Trump No, protesting Stay At Home Orders doesn't make you Rosa Parks White people need natural predators so they know  what real oppression is like New Segment (special for only Dpalm): THAT'S SO GEORGIA Governor Kemp didn't know asymptomatic people could spread coronavirus The real reason Kemp and the  GOP is pushing to open the economy in Georgia Cooning ass Rep Vernon Jones The Mayor of Las Vegas might be the dumbest politician in the US Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro? Finding love with your wife and your  sexbot in the pandemic Guest: Dpalm   Like what you hear? Subscribe so you don't miss an episode!   Follow us on Twitter: @InsanityReport @TheMTRNetwork Want more podcast greatness? Sign up for a MTR Premium Account! Check out our Sponsors! TweakedAudio.com using the code ‘reviews’ to get 33% off & free shipping. Shop at our Amazon Store to support the site  
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