141 minutes | Jul 28, 2020

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV - Insanity Check #656

Kriss is back with another episode of the Insanity Check to cover this month’s dose of insanity in the world. This week he’s joined by Jeff. There’s a lot to talk about this month. We have Trump bragging about “passing” a cognitive test, we’re finally getting death panels, the Feds crack down in Portland and so much more. Topics: Trump brags about passing a cognitive but maybe we’re all looking at this wrong Obama Promised, Trump Delivered: Death Panels The Department of Homeland Security shouldn’t exist This Vet gets it DHS employees are apparently demoralized over what’s happening in Portland DOD is worried about law enforcement using army uniforms. What could go wrong? Great Moments in White Privilege Tom Cotton and his very punchable face have an issue with the 1619 Project Guest: Jeff – @JeffJSays – Pass the Message Like what you hear? Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!   Follow us on Twitter: @InsanityReport @TheMTRNetwork Want more podcast greatness? Sign up for a MTR Premium Account! Check out our Sponsors! TweakedAudio.com using the code ‘reviews’ to get 33% off & free shipping.  
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