40 minutes | May 14th 2020

Season 2: Episode 14: What is Trauma and How it Affects You Today with Special Guest Alice Stricklin, LMFT

There are so many forms of trauma, and especially in this time with Covid-19, it is important to know what trauma is and how it can affect your relationships and you.  We invited special guest, Alice Stricklin, LMFT to help educate us not only on trauma, but how to know if you are avoiding trauma, what trauma symptoms can look like in us and how trauma is not only defined in what happened to us, but also what did not happen that should have.  This interview is so fascinating, and we hope you enjoy!  Plus, a special bonus that Alice gives us some practical things to do to help process trauma.


To learn more about Alice, visit: http://www.alicestricklin.com/home

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