29 minutes | Sep 28th 2019

Season 2: Episode 10: How to Stay Connected in Marriage with Special Guest Kenny Sanderfer, LMFT.

  • Accessibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Emotional Engagement

These are the three tenants to staying connected in marriage (research has backed this up!). But what do they mean in the context of relationship?

Join Mariam and Lindsey as they interview Kenny Sanderfer, licensed therapist, emotionally focused therapy trainer, co-author of Created for Connection (along with Dr. Sue Johnson), and just an all-around awesome guy.  Kenny breaks down not only the three tenants of being connected in marriage, and also how God models these three tenants in His relationship with us.

inRelationship has a successful weekend workshop for couples using the Created for Connection material. It is pretty phenomenal. Check it out at inrelationship.us/upcoming-events

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