73 minutes | May 23rd 2020

the Texarkana Phantom Killer & the Zodiac Killer -- were they the same person?

Texarkana was blighted by a series of brutal killings, mainly focussed upon young couples in lover's lanes, during 1946.  There is some evidence that the crimes stretched out to 1948.Vallejo and the Bay Area of San Francisco sufferred at the hand of the mysterious Zodiac Killer from 1963 possibly through to 1978.Are the common traits of each killer (.22 calibre gun, a hooded disguise, and the approach of parked cars with a flashlight) indicative of one man being responsible?  Could the break between the killings (1948-1963) indicate an absence or military service?  Did the Phantom Slayer evolve with guidance from the military or even the CIA and learn cryptography and bomb-making alongside other skills?Ansir & Sophia discuss in this inquiry in this episode of Inquirers into the Strange.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/InquirersintotheStrange)
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