53 minutes | Apr 11th 2020

the Highgate Vampire

1970 -- Highgate, England.  A shadowy being, dressed in black and wearing a hat, is reported as terrifying a number of people.  One man claims to have been mesmerised (in a hypnotic sense) by the beings gaze.  Amidst evidence of Satanists using the cemetery, numerous sightings are reported.  After the seperate investigative efforts of David Farrant and Sean Manchester, the fiend is dubbed 'the Highgate Vampire' by the media.  On Friday 13th, a vampire hunt ensues -- with hundreds in attendance after ITV news publicised the event.  

Ansir & Sophia discuss this eccentric period in contemporary English history, the validity for the assertion that the being was a vampire, the magical duelling of Farrant and Manchester, and attempt to identify if the shadowy being is still out there...

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