50 minutes | May 9th 2020

the Betz Sphere

Some 20 miles north of Fort George Island, Florida, during 1974, the Betz family found a steel ball on their property.  7.94 inches in diameter and weighing 9.7kg, the object was unique, yet nothing special.  The family was interested in what the sphere was as it was found in the midst of a rural, hard to reach area.  Over the years, many theories have been put forth to explain the sphere, yet none explain how it found itself in the midst of nowhere.  Claims that it was part of a satellite offer some potential, yet fail to cover all of the bases.  As if the inexplicable presence of the ball was not enough, the ball had other properties…Join Ansir & Sophia as they discuss the case of the Betz family sphere and debate what they think it was, what happened to the sphere, and what experiments were needed.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/InquirersintotheStrange)
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