46 minutes | May 25, 2021

19. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Part 2 with Linda Baskin

🎸David played background music for Linda Baskin’s art show in Dayton. 01:14🖼️ Stepping out of the comfort zone: Linda's paintings had a theme and the show had its own concept. 04:52🎯 Professional artist and professional musician. 07:39🙋‍♂️ Welcome, Linda! 09:12🎨 The Radical Acceptance art show was about acknowledging the hard times in life but also good, joyful things. 11:29😃 Linda decided to start painting just 18 months ago. 15:36🌸 One more example of Linda's stepping way out of her stepping zone. 18:04🌞 Not knowing everything is the most important to step out of the comfort zone. 22:18🖌️ Painting 'Faces' was the only painting at the show that was not for sale. 25:01🧪 Linda's formula for creating a great product. 28:53🤓 The difference between innovation in a flash or an inspiration of genius, and experimental or interpretive innovation. 35:19🤩 Cézanne an experimental painter vs. Picasso's flash of inspiration 38:40🖍️ Linda is Picasso.  43:03🔥 Be a Picasso or a Cézanne, just don't give up. 43:43Painting 'Faces': https://postimg.cc/RN9Nf63nBodazza Studioshttps://www.bodazzastudios.com/Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist History – Hallelujah episodehttps://www.pushkin.fm/episode/hallelujah/Connect with David: david@davidpeterson.comLinda Baskin painting: https://prnt.sc/1017orlLink to David’s book Grounded - https://davidpeterson.com/book/grounded/
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