40 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

17. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

😂 Gatherings with my sister Linda and brother Larry are always filled with fun, jokes, and love. 🎨 My sister Linda is an amazing painter. 3:06🖼️ Linda Baskin Art Show preparations. 5:35 🎶 David is going to do background music for Linda Baskin’s upcoming art show on March 27th.   6:15🎸 David Musical background – learning to play guitar is not easy. 8:17🎼 David has never performed a “concert” alone, but he embraced music from his college days until today. 11:09👌 Popular music sets an “expectation” of what those songs are supposed to sound like. 15:06🤔 David's book Grounded. Word Grounded has positive and negative meanings. 19:52😨 We get stuck in our comfort zone because of fear of failure, or fear of embarrassment. 24:38👣 4 steps to get out of your comfort zone. 26:50🌠 Wisdom from Roger von Oech - Whack it!  31:16👆 Get support and get rid of excuses. 33:44💪 Flesk your risk muscle. 34:27🗓️ Set a deadline and Be Persistent. 36:12Connect with David: david@davidpeterson.comLinda Baskin painting: http://prntscr.com/1017orlLinda Baskin Show: https://prnt.sc/109ml4jLink to David’s book Grounded - https://davidpeterson.com/book/grounded/Wisdom from Roger von Oech – “Whack on the side of the head” - shorturl.at/lvQVX 
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