48 minutes | Oct 31, 2020

14. All the Challenges in Hemp Agribusiness, IDG Interview with Justin Fischer, CEO of RiskScout

👨‍🌾 Farmers are experiencing all challenges related to a business, plus they have soil and weather issues. 1:11💻 Justin Fisher is a FinTech guy, with experience in farming 2:47🤓 How is hemp different from marijuana?   6:46😳 Because of legislation issues, you can plant hemp legally, but it can grow to be illegal. 10:00📈 About the legal framework of farming hemp and growth of interest for hemp in many agricultural states. 15:54👂 Cannabinoids: CBD is challenged, as the FDA hasn't set clear regulations around it. 18:34🪴 'Training the plant' is something that all businesses need to think about to achieve their goal.  23:37💰 Looking at the side of the financial services and issues farmers have to get financial products (bank accounts, loans, insurance) 26:26🌞 How RiskScout helps banks in high-risk businesses and also farmers who want to grow hemp? 34:45 🤑 The first person who develops an iPad for measuring THC levels in hemp will be a billionaire. 38:04🏦 Community banks will have to rethink what their purpose is and innovate too. 41:09  Get in touch with Justin:https://www.riskscout.com/justin@riskscout.comListen to IDG podcast on https://idg.podcastnetwork.io/
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