46 minutes | Aug 31, 2020

12. An IDG Discussion with Binna Kim

🔀 Marketing and PR may not overlap. Being channel-agnostic. 02:42❄️ "We are used to personalization." 04:49😷The Covid-19 crisis impacted the ways we interact with brands. 09:43💣 How to tailor a message that will not be offensive to anybody? 13:58 ⏰ Algorithms and recommendations. How they save time.  21:25🏅 Innovations in the financial industry. Behind the scenes. 27:46🛍️ B2B vs. B2C and factors that influence customers' decisions. 30:57✨ Importance of representation and diversity in marketing. 34:47🌱 Young millennials and Gen Z people are natural digital communicators and marketers. 40:41👩 Find Binna on Twitter https://twitter.com/binnaskim, LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/binnak/ and learn more about Vested https://fullyvested.com/ 44:55  
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