23 minutes | May 28, 2020

09. Getting Innovation Started

Good example of getting creative to problem solve* 01:16"Creativity is going to get us all through this." 04:05 How can I get innovation started at my organization? 04:26 🏼Immediately fall back into the numbing routine. 06:28 Three innovation categories. 08.34 Express ideas clearly: boosting speaking ability with Toastmasters. 12:09🪁Forgiveness is easier to get than permission.13:38If you are blocking others in innovation: Stand aside.15:23Encourage and harvest all ideas, even if not all of them are winners. 16.55What should innovators try to accomplish?Don't punish  the ones who are trying to innovate. 19:20 Make innovation a part of the employees annual review process.Be the spark of innovation.2110*https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/apparel-companys-t-shirt-idea-coronavirus-relief-fundraiser},**https://www.toastmasters.org/https://davidpeterson.com/
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