25 minutes | Mar 27, 2020

07. Will COVID19 Change Our Lives Forever

Did you plan scenarios like COVID19 in your business strategy? 1:56A Black Swan Effect  2:38Planning for a catastrophic event 4:26COVID19 Canceling speaking engagements and ripple effect throughout the entire industry.6:18  Virtual conference. It's a reasonable alternative. 09:01Bankarshub - a good example of online innovation. 11:29Don’t let the virus leave your organization on the sidelines. 12:20 Concerts and sports events canceled, but here is an alternative. 13:03 The innovation brought by Streamers and eSports *** 15:56 SoftGiving.com Charitable giving and online Galas 17:32Silver lining to COVID19:  outdated models of business 20:10Don’t let this wave of inactivity damage your business, get in touch with experienced innovators 23:00http://www.bankershub.com/https://softgiving.com/****https://fight2fund.org/***www.twitch.com
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