20 minutes | Feb 19, 2020

06. Leaders Don't React

How is the "Flight, Fight or Freeze" response wired into our physiology? 02:29 You can train yourself to respond instead of reacting 04:15 How to keep your head in any crisis, big or small? 05:06 Fishing on the raft experience 05:58 How can you practice this response vs. reaction in your everyday life? 11:05 Which situations require an immediate response to remediate the crisis? 12:47 Don't make decisions based on what others might think of you or your response. 13:20 If you're a senior leader, you can work specifically to change reactions into responses.15:42 Navy Seal Breathing technique to keep you calm in the times of the greatest stress 17:27**http://motto.time.com/4316151/breathing-technique-navy-seal-calm-focused/
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