36 minutes | Jan 17, 2020

05. Innovation Leadership - Incorporating ThinkTime

How to get creative and harvest ideas for potential innovation? 00:08🧠 What is the value of creative and strategic thinking? 01:25The definition for innovation is “creativity: expressed, manufactured and consumed” 02:45Why you need a specific systemic method to come up with and harvest creative ideas? 04:06 What are the four elements required to allow true creativity to flourish? 05:02What spaces can you use as your “space for thinking”? 05:30 Why is it necessary for you to specifically allocate time to think? 10:25Why do you need to relax and let your mind settle first before you start thinking? 13:55🙃 Why is it critical to capture your ideas, no matter how silly or insignificant they might seem? 15:13 Take time to develop your ideas further, and give your right brain time to be creative 17:57 Nothing kills creativity, more than self-doubt 24:50Tips to unlock creativity if you are a manager or an office clerk 27:52Stop trying to think of good ideas and just think of ideas 31:53
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