26 minutes | Dec 16, 2019

04. Leaders Be Wary of Autopilot Thinking!

  Is the model of Higher Education going to radically change? 00:45 Autopilot thinking – how many decisions do you make in a day? 04:05 More experience - less chance of coming up with innovative ideas 05:42 What is the numbing effect of the routine process? 07:01 Why is the autopilot thinking the killer of creativity? 07:11🧠 How the left brain and the right brain work together? 07:22🤯 How to remember the insights that your right brain provides? 12:56 Developing an ability to look for ways to do things differently 13:42 Important - get outside input on your products and your processes 17:10 Why autopilot thinking is not enough for our future success 24:18 Why we must find ways to unlock our right brain 25:16
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