50 minutes | Nov 29, 2019

03. An IDG Interview with Dr. Jon Krispin

Where innovation falls in a business 03:25 // Innovation and creativity 04:17 // Innovation vs invention 05:10 // How connections between technologies are driving economic growth 06:39 Understanding and dealing with the gap between seemingly unconnected technologies when starting and running a business 08:11 //The concept of exomorphosis. This idea that change is happening around us. 11:55 Why is it important to listen to people who work with customers? 13:48 Why is it beneficial for older generations to appreciate the new generation's fresh points of view? 15:20 //   How virtual classroom is covering the gap between teaching explicit knowledge and practical knowledge? 19:30 // Business plans: How do you make small mistakes that enable you to learn without your business dying?  22:05 // A business simulator: how well would you do in a competitive environment? 26:10 Making a team: why cross-functional teams work best? 30:18 //Successful teaching stories: how to be an effective leader and how to impact the effectiveness of a business? 35:35 // Self-organization: what drives people to work together to make creative innovations? 39:17 //  Innovating out of one’s passion: helping people connect with what they really enjoy and love. 42:38 //
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