46 minutes | Sep 2, 2019

01. Think You Would Know An Innovation If You Saw One?

🤔We need to think about innovation differently. 0:00

How innovative are you—really? 1:42

Why are we playing the innovation blame game at work? 3:18

What a candy bar taught me about innovation. 5:03

Why innovation doesn’t have to be a big, disruptive breakthrough. 7:48

What to do if you do have a revolutionary idea. 13:01

You may not have any big ideas, but you can still have incremental innovations. 14:36

What sailing in the 1800s can teach us about innovation today? 18:17

My official definition of innovation. 23:37

Creativity vs. innovation—as demonstrated by jumping to the Earth from space. 29:14

What does it take for innovations to be wildly successful? 33:18

How to come up with innovative ideas. (Hint, it takes a lot of bad ones!) 37:50

Why small innovations are crucial. 39:49

Will you be innovative? 41:36

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