29 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

S1 Bonus Ep 0A - Bala Balasubraniam - Human Connection Is the Heart of Innovation

In this bonus episode, Bala shares his own personal journey as an innovator and innovation leader, and tells us the many reasons why he believes that innovation should be something that every single person in a company should be involved with.Bala Balasubramaniam is the Founder, Visionary and CTO of Innovation Minds. Bala believes that human connection is the heart of innovation and that great innovation happens when people have the right mindsets, tools, and processes to collaborate effectively. With that in mind, he founded Innovation Minds to equip enterprise and academic clients with the best crowdsourcing and AI innovation platform and in-person events to move ideas from basic concepts into game-changing solutions. Prior to Innovation Minds, he worked as Head of HR Innovation at LinkedIn, and before that as the leader of Innovation at eBay Research Labs. Bala frequently gives keynotes at Innovation and HR Summits and Conferences.Silicon Valley based company Innovation Minds takes a crucial step in helping  solve the new challenges of the post-pandemic global workplace by launching this podcast, in which we interviews a diverse offering of business leaders from around the planet on how to use innovation to engage the workforce, as well as how to innovate engagement using technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to humanize relationships in the new distributed workplace.“Innovation is about people, not technology,” says Innovation Minds’ founder and CTO Bala Balasubramaniam.“We believe that innovation OF the workforce is as critical as innovation BY the workforce. Innovation itself offers a critical solution. Innovation can be part of the daily work of everyone in a company, and provides a key to engagement as much as, or even more than, being an end in itself. This podcast aims to help companies manage the new reality in cutting-edge ways.”Michael Lee, host of the podcast and an internationally certified creativity and innovation expert and coach, adds: “Innovation and engagement are two of the most important issues in business today, period. It has been eye-opening talking to these experts – the world has changed very fast, and it’s essential for leaders to listen to our guests – they share so much amazing practical advice that needs to be implemented right away.”  Innovation Minds is a leader in using AI-driven technology to engage employees through their philosophy of Innovation At the Edge, and decided to launch this podcast to promote the urgent need for engagement at this delicate time.Guests for our first season include corporate HR leads, world-class consultants, best-selling authors, and employee engagement and innovation experts working across a wide range of industries: Clint Pulver, Themba Chakela Jamie NotterMaddie Grant Delano Johnson Shawn Nason Luke Jamieson Coonoor Behal Jeff Tobe Niven Postma Adriana Bokel Herde Sindhu Joseph and Dickson TangYou can read more about our season one guests at our website, and sign up for reminders to make sure you never miss an episode. 
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