30 minutes | Jul 15th 2020

Talk Dairy to Me

From turning manure into water, transforming excess milk into fabrics and packaging, and a new method for tracking mastitis in cows, we’re talking to ag-tech innovators on this month’s episode of Talk Dairy to Me, DFA’s podcast featuring all things innovation.

The three entrepreneurs featured in this month’s episode have all started companies building products to help revolutionize the dairy industry and are participating in DFA’s CoLAB Accelerator this year.

Our host, Doug Dresslaer, director of cultural innovation, kicks off by chatting with Gil Hakim, chairman and CEO of Armenta, which is helping treat bovine mastitis in cows using acoustic technology. Next, we talk manure with Karen Schuett, CEO of Livestock Water Recycling, which developed a process to turn manure into usable and, yes, drinkable water with the hopes of eliminating manure lagoons on farms. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more inventive, we turn to Robert Luo, CEO and founder of Mi Terro, which creates fabric from milk proteins (end result: t-shirts) and uses the same technology to create new and sustainable packaging to replace plastic.