44 minutes | Nov 26th 2020

#678: Meditation with Ben Smith

Ben Smith is 27 years old, has represented Great Britain in triathlon and follows a number of endurance sports. What he also follows is meditation and a desire to help others. In Ben’s words: "My passion in life is personal growth and aiding others to progress in their own passions and endeavours. Im obsessed with it. Im a big believer in creating a bullet proof mind through shear hard work, getting uncomfortable and also Meditation. I want to get more people meditating, especially younger people. My goal is to remove the stigma behind it and get it out there. Its not just a small beneficial practice that might help some people - its a real life changing practice that effects endless areas of your life and with so many people suffering now mentally we need to do something and take action to prevent it getting worse. From my perspective it helped me as an athlete to progress way further than I initially thought id go and for other athletes out there - it would absolutely do the same for them too. Meditation is a must. Many give up early with it because its ‘too hard’ or they ‘cant quieten their minds’. But this has to be overcome. A good teacher will help, which is where I come in.” Ben talks us through his journey and shares some useful insights into meditation that we can all learn. Connect with Ben: https://www.instagram.com/alignmindbody/
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