56 minutes | May 4th 2021

Lisa Kipps Brown

Lisa Kipps_Brown - The author of Boomer Cashout and the upcoming Disrupt Your Now, Lisa Kipps-Brown offers Chief Web Officer expertise and disruptive strategic thinking to help entrepreneurs solve big picture problems. Since starting her web & marketing strategy company in 1996, she's been a pioneer in business use of the web and even sold a dot-com business just before the bubble burst in 2000. Bridging the gap between designers, developers, marketing, and sales, Lisa helps clients understand all available options to avoid sinking thousands of dollars in the wrong solution. She also works with clients who want their business to mean more than money and is the mind behind the only NASCAR team racing to combat veteran suicide. Lisa is the expert you’re missing, and likely didn’t even know you need. No gobbledygook, guaranteed!
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