32 minutes | Jan 17, 2019


Every year I take the months of November and December to deconstruct my identity and my brands and refine and improve them. I always use this time to sort of reinvent myself and get clear about what I want to experience in the next year. I take time to write out my New Years Intentions and I set those intentions every day of that following year. It’s part of my morning and evening routines. I’m grateful for what I experienced last year and eager to experience all the wonder and adventures this next year will bring into my life. This episode is not only the first for this new year, it’s also the launch of the new show brand and format. I explain the reason for the relaunch and what to expect from the new show and a bit about our new and growing community here in San Diego and the more formalized “tribe” that is growing out of that community. I think “wonder is our medicine” and I’m excited to share with you the story behind the new show.
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