77 minutes | Oct 9, 2018

Lindsley Brooks | Dancing with Divine Energies

Lindsley Brooks is a feng shui practitioner who specializes in residential and fashion feng shui. She works with people looking to bring beauty, consciousness, and harmony to their living space, personal style, and lives. Lindsley is passionate about sacred living: being intentional about everything you do – from what you wear, to what you bring into your home, to what you put in your psyche.   She incorporates her experience and training in divine feminine studies, psychology, spirituality, reiki, astrology, kinesiology, yoga, artistry, makeup artistry and personal styling.   In all of her work, she has one overacting goal; to help you live in alignment and congruence with your true nature.   Lindsley is family to me. We’ve been best friends since we were about 15 years old. Her Divine Intuition and sensitive have had a tremendous impact on my life, and it’s an absolute honor to have her on the show today. This has been a long time coming. 
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