106 minutes | Oct 31, 2019

Dan Tocchini | Until It Bleeds

Dan Tocchini is a Human Performance Specialist, author and leading consultant. He specializes in change management, conflict resolution, executive leadership, sales, negotiation, and business development. Dan has over 35 years of experience in helping people navigate monumental personal and business transformations.   I’ve known Dan for over 20 years. His wisdom and friendship have profoundly impacted in my life. His words flow through me in all my teachings and relationships. It was an honor to have this deeply personal conversation with him, to hear his journey and the insight he’s gained along the way.    Dan ended our talk by encouraging all of us to, “Keep kicking at the indifference until it bleeds life.”. I think that about sums it up. This isn’t just a podcast episode, it’s a beautiful story of a true shaman, healer, and guide.
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