87 minutes | Apr 29, 2019

Brian Fanzo | The Humanity of Social Media

"Right now, we are demanding authenticity and transparency and every business is in the business of building trust. And trust isn’t built by a logo or technology, it’s built by people. The question now is how do you get in front of other people so you can begin to develop that trust.   That’s where digital empathy comes in for me. We have to know who we are, and we have to commit ourselves to listening to and connecting with our audience.”    You have to ask yourself, “Does this technology enhance my life?" And that causes us to ask, “What would an improvement to my life actually look like”? It spurs us into complexity, to contemplate how our relationship with technology is influencing what we believe and who we are.    And in today’s world, we have more ways to amplify a message than ever before. That’s important to remember, as it eliminates a lot of excuses that have prevented us from being a more connected society, up till now. Yes, social media can create noise, but it can also foster inertia and momentum towards a more deeply connected and harmonized society. 
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