69 minutes | Apr 15th 2020

Episode 5: Autism Awareness Month with a behavior analyst, an advocate, and a family

April is Autism Awareness Month, which is a topic near to the podcast's heart. To hear from different perspectives, the crew spoke to Anika Hoybjerg (Executive Director and behavior analyst at ABI), Sean Culkin (autism advocate), and the Price family. Here’s a rundown of this week’s episode:1:25 — Going back to Jacob’s autism diagnosis5:10 — How the family’s expectations changed11:05 — “Awareness is the biggest thing.”15:35 — Anika Hoybjerg describes her autism center - Autism and Behavioral Intervention23:40 — What is ABA therapy?38:30 — Autism advocate Sean Culkin on his journey45:40 — His involvement with KultureCity54:50 — Ryan, Nicole, and Nixon Price1:01:10 — Joe and Nixon’s similarities1:04:50 — Special habitsFor more information on sensory inclusion, visit https://www.kulturecity.org/.
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