25 minutes | Apr 1, 2016

IC 27 - Keys to the Vault and the CFO Scorecard, The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business with Keith J Cunningham

Keith J. Cunningham has more than thirty years of experience in business and investments. He has started several companies, negotiated about deals of millions of dollars, and has brought in and used for his business companies hundreds of millions.He has made little deals, but also completed several big Wall Street transactions. He has acquaintance with business and investments from all possible points of view – from getting money to start a company, to big operations, to evaluations of companies, to investments in companies and markets.He's also an entrepreneur, international speaker and published author oftwo successful business books. He teaches life-changing business skills to thousands of top executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs across the world.Key Takeaways:[1:53] Today's business environment requires you to have to embrace change[4:23] How to figure out what's going to be the difference that makes the difference in your company and the 4 jobs of a CEO[5:51] Some examples of problems versus symptoms[9:17] The impact of a lower barrier to entry in creating companies and if raising capital is still needed for the most part[12:07] How to raise capital, what investors are looking for when you take your idea or product to them[15:34] Trying to find the most effective structure for your business[18:53] The dumb tax[21:03] The 3 part question you should always be asking yourselfWebsite Mentioned:www.keystothevault.com
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