25 minutes | Mar 31, 2015

IC 15 - Learn about Funnel Marketing with Joseph Bushnell

Jason Hartman introduces Joseph Bushnell to the show to talk about the five key steps needed to create a successful marketing funnel. Joseph Bushnell specializes in online marketing and provides consulting services to his clients. Joseph sits down to talk to Jason about some of the key differences between products like OptimizePress, LeadPages, and ClickFunnels, common marketing mistakes, and much more on today's episode.    Key Takeaways:  2:05 – Joey gives a quick run down of the five things he looks for when building a successful marketing funnel.  7:50 – Joey explains the difference between OptimizePress, LeadPages, and ClickFunnels  14:50 – Whatever product or service you provide, make sure its focused around people's problems.  19:50 – Working for free is generally a bad idea, so do trades or exchanges instead.  21:15 – Joey explains how he builds a successful marketing funnel step by step.    Mentioned in this episode: ClickFunnels LeadPages OptimizePress Rainmaker Platform http://www.josephbushnell.com/greatest-copywriters-copywriting-resources/ www.josephbushnell.com
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