31 minutes | Mar 23, 2015

IC 014 - How To Market Your Product on Amazon with Ryan Moran

Jason invites Ryan Moran of Freedom Fast Lane to share some of his entrepreneur experiences in the internet marketing world. Ryan shares some important tips about how to market your product successfully on Amazon, mistakes he's learned along the way, and he also shares incredibly helpful strategies for the inspiring internet marketer. You can learn more about Ryan and his company at FreedomFastLane.com.    Key Takeaways: 1:40 – Ryan shares a little bit about his life story.  5:20 – You can start a business without having a face in front of it and still be successful.  10:20 – Approach a business with the mentality of how much value you want to create versus how much money you want to make.  17:45 – Ryan decided to gave massive discounts on his product on Amazon to get more reviews and increase sales that way.  20:50 – Try to avoid trendy topics or markets and stick to markets that you believe will be around 5 years from now.  24:10 – It's not impossible to sell a business that already has your face on it, but there will be some uphill battles.  30:30 – Don't forget to check out Ryan's Freedom Fast Lane podcast in the iTunes store.     Mentioned In This Episode: www.FreedomFastLane.com 
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