28 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

New Host! Austin Munhofen on talent management, working with brands, and the future of the Trove podcast

Austin Munhofen is the founder of Gush and Grow, a talent management and brand education company, Trove partner, *and* the new host of the Influencer Business podcast! She shares her non-linear path to influencer management and her take on the most exciting industry developments that are still to come. We cover a lot in this episode, including when you might be ready for talent management, her number one advice to content creators, and, finally, we introduce her as the new host of the podcast! As someone who sits at the nexus of brands and influencers and works with both of them on a day-to-day basis, Austin will take the podcast to new heights and we’re excited you’re here for it!For more on Austin:Website: gushandgrow.comInstagram: @gushandgrow
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