31 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

Kar Brulhart (kb_brandmarketing) on growing by 15k in 31 days on Instagram and how you can too

Kar Brulhart (kb_brandmarketing) helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs grow on Instagram. In this episode, she shares how she grew on Instagram by 15k followers in just 31 days—all organically. Kar has years of experience working at innovative startups and has created marketing campaigns for well established brands like Michael Kors, Google, and the UN. She left corporate life at the beginning of the pandemic when she was 9 months pregnant to pursue her dream of supporting small business owners. She is well-researched and her strategies are informed by Instagram’s ever-evolving features and content prioritization fluctuations. Kar has won many international awards for her work, and she joins this episode to share how small business owners can grow strategically on Instagram. This episode is for you if you want to learn how to create content that engages your ideal audience! For more on Kar:@kb_brandmarketingkbbrandmarketing.comFor more about Trove: @trovebusiness www.trovebusiness.comFor more about Gush & Grow:@gushandgrowwww.gushandgrow.comA big thank you to our season's sponsor, CJ Affiliate (@cjnetwork). CJ is the affiliate network of choice for influencers and content creators. Through CJ you can get direct access to over 4,000 top brands, with the support, tools, and data to make your dream partnerships a reality. Learn more at cj.com/trove.
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