41 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

Corinne Travis on monetization, the power of data, and influencer campaign management

Corinne Travis, the Director of Influencer & Brand Partnerships at CJ Affiliate joins us on the podcast to dive into affiliate marketing...its value, what it looks like at CJ, and how to approach it successfully (as an influencer and brand). We talk about what brands look for in sponsored influencer campaigns, the power of using data to pitch to brands, and so much more!As the Director of Influencer & Brand Partnerships at CJ Affiliate, Corinne helps influencers maximize monetization through affiliate and demystifies influencer marketing for top tier brands. She created, and now leads, the successful VIP Campaign solution at CJ after noticing brands and influencers were consistently looking for ways to create meaningful long-term partnerships. Corinne brings incredible experience and valuable insight into the content creation and affiliate landscape.For more on Corinne:@corinne.travishttps://www.linkedin.com/in/corinne-travis-57197b3/For more about Trove: @trovebusiness www.trovebusiness.comFor more about Gush & Grow:@gushandgrowwww.gushandgrow.comA big thank you to our season's sponsor, CJ Affiliate (@cjnetwork). CJ is the affiliate network of choice for influencers and content creators. Through CJ you can get direct access to over 4,000 top brands, with the support, tools, and data to make your dream partnerships a reality. Learn more at cj.com/trove.
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